• Drawing
  • Skating
  • Karate
  • Archery

Beyond the school


Emphasis on physical education and physical fitness is an important factor. Apart from learning various games, sports and physical education, the students develop stamina & endurance that is essential to get away from a sedentary way of life and develop the spirit of sportsmanship. We believe that playing sport is not just about physical activity but is essential to the holistic development of an individual. The sporting activities available on our campus are Football, Badminton, Table tennis, Chess, Carom, and Karate.


Art is one of the highest forms of expression, a language that we speak, cutting through individual differences in culture and ability. Art brings every subject to life and turns abstractions into concrete reality. At Smiley Faces Preschool & Indrayani International School, the Art & craft classes give an opportunity to a child to express his/her innate senses. The Art & Craft classes provide every student with an opportunity to explore his artistic side, be it music, dance, painting, origami, oil on canvas or something as simple & unique as the paper-craft.


Every human being is endowed with a wide variety of talents and commensurate potential to excel in them. There always is a need for thirst in a human being for some achievement. Competition, therefore, helps us to excel in that particular activity and do justice to the talents we have and make optimum use of our potential. In order to help our students to excel in various disciplines, the school organizes various competitions so that they may excel and perform to the best of their ability.

Co-Curricular Activities:-

A host of Co-Curricular has been organized during the year.

We have introduced new subject called Performing Art which include.

  • Music – For All
  • Karate – For All
  • Exhibition
  • Acting –For All
  • Bollywood Dance – For All
  • Bollywood Dance – For All
  • Gymnastic –For Boys

Picnics and Excursions:-

It’s a Phrase.

“All works and no play make Jack a Dull boy.” The school organized one day program for the students. They were taken to Go Crazy Water Park. It was a refreshing and pleasant day for the students.

Exhibition :-

We had an exhibition this year where children had exhibited their charts, models etc .Subjects wise the teacher had involved all the children in the project making.

Social Responsibility :-

The school had conducted social responsibility camp. During the floods in August month the parents were requested to contribute food grains, clothes etc. for the needy.

With the money collected we bought sweets to distribute to the needy and poor.

During Diwali we had told children’s to make Diyas , Candles ,etc and sell them in fun fair which we had organized before Diwali.

We also had visited Sindhu Tai Sapkal Ashram to donate few things.

National Day Celebration:-

26th January and 15th August is celebrated with a great patriotic spirit.

We have flag hoisting following with National Anthem and patriotic song and speech by the Principal Mam.

Medical Check Up:-

Every year we have Medical Check Up for the students.

Each student’s class wise and a medical report is written and preserved and at the end of the year we give it to the children. Height, Weight is also checked every year.


We believe in getting many organizations for in house purpose. Many of the teachers were sent for training program from the school to enhance their teaching skills.


Life itself is a big celebration. We totally plunge in it with all intensity, knowing that it reconciles us with ourselves, and returns us to our unity of body, spirit and heart. All celebrations, whether of birthdays, anniversaries or victories have some common elements of togetherness - of being together in freedom and love. Every celebration has a meaning. We encourage our students to indulge in celebrations that help us to share our joy and happiness at our special events with a view of creating a social bond and imbibing social virtues.

  • International health day
  • International Yoga day
  • World desertification
  • Refugee day
  • Rakshabandhan Day
  • National sports day
  • Teachers day
  • World mental health day
  • Reading day/Abdul Kalam Jayanti
  • World Ozone day
  • National Science Day